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Spokesperson on the issue of Japanese textbook

On 9 July, Spokesperson Zhang Qiyue answered the question on the issue of Japanese textbook and made clear China’s position.

The journalist asked that the Japanese government announced today that it cannot make further revisions of the textbook compiled by Japan’s new history book compiling committee according to the demands of the Chinese side because there are no parts that have obviously deviated from historical facts and because of different opinions among the academic community, and that it would continue to adhere to the position of acknowledging and remorse for the history of aggression.  What is the comment from the Chinese side?  

Zhang Qiyue expressed that the Chinese side is extremely regretful for and strongly dissatisfied  with the Japanese government's decision, and has made solemn  representations with the Japanese side.  Zhang Qiyue pointed out that the so-called textbook, compiled by Japanese right-wing forces, attempts to gloss over and deny the invasions launched by Japanese military imperialists, adding that everyone knows the book  contains fallacies.  The Japanese government's decision, which the Chinese side cannot accept, is obviously biased in favor of the right-wing forces and has deviated from its previous commitments on historical issues.  Such decision has caused once again the lost of Japan’s credibility with the Asian people on historical issues, and harmed Japan’s international image.  We demand the Japanese side pay sincere attention to the appeal of Asian nations suffering from the war, and to take practical actions to handle the textbook issue properly.

It is learned that this morning, the Japanese side notified the Chinese side through diplomatic channels that it will not make further revisions of the textbook compiled by the right-wing forces.   The Japanese side also made clear that the views on history presented in the book do not conform with Japanese government's position and do not represent the opinions of all Japanese people.  On the history issue, the Japanese government has expressed its basic view in the remarks made by the former Japanese Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama in 1995 and the Japan-China Joint Declaration in 1998.  That is, Japan felt responsible for the damage done to the Chinese people by past Japanese aggression against China, Japan expressed its deep remorse for it, and this view will not change.

Officials of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that correct understanding and treatment of that period of history constitute an important political basis for the development of Sino-Japanese relations.

The Chinese side has taken note of the Japanese government's attitude towards the history issue, and will, however, pay more attention to the deeds of the Japanese side in the future.  

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