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Wang Yi Meets with Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Irwin Larocque


On September 22, 2018 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Irwin Larocque in Georgetown.

Wang Yi expressed that this is the first time that a Chinese Foreign Minister visits the CARICOM Secretariat. Though China and Caribbean countries are far apart, people of both sides have enjoyed a long-standing friendship. The People’s Republic of China, not long after its founding, firmly supported Caribbean countries’ efforts to defend their national independence and dignity on international occasions. The CARICOM, as a bloc of developing countries, is the most important integration organization in the Caribbean region and also a banner under which regional countries are united for self-improvement. China and the CARICOM member states are developing countries and share extensive common interests. Cooperation between China and the CARICOM serves as an important part of China-Latin America overall cooperation. We appreciate the efforts made by countries in Caribbean region and Mr. Secretary-General for promoting cooperation between the CARICOM and China. The Chinese side pays high attention to developing relations with the CARICOM countries, and is willing to further build a community with a shard future for China and the CARICOM on the basis of comprehensive cooperative partnership.

Wang Yi noted that the Chinese side appreciates the CARICOM countries’ stance on adhering to multilateralism and actively safeguarding free trade system, and stands ready to, together with the CARICOM side, enhance multilateral cooperation to better safeguard interest of developing countries. The Chinese side attaches importance to the concerns and reasonable demand of the CARICOM countries on the issue of climate change, and is willing to continue promoting the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement, urge developed countries to fulfill their promises, and offer help for developing countries including the Caribbean countries under the framework of the South-south cooperation within its capacity.

Irwin Larocque noted that the Chinese Foreign Minister is warmly welcomed to visit the CARICOM Secretariat. The CARICOM speaks highly of China for its significant influence and leadership in dealing with international affairs including climate change, and particularly appreciates that the Chinese side has played a positive role in promoting the South-south cooperation and maintaining rights and interests of developing countries including member states of the CARICOM. The CARICOM thanks the Chinese side for offering valuable assistance to the CARICOM countries affected by the hurricane last year, and is glad to see that the cooperation between China and the CARICOM countries in extensive fields constantly achieve development. The CARICOM side agrees to build a community with a shared future for mankind, and stands ready to intensify relations with China, deepen bilateral cooperation, strengthen coordination and cooperation with the Chinese side on multilateral agendas, jointly maintain the authority of multilateral organizations represented by the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, and safeguard the overall interests of developing countries.

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