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Wang Yi Holds Talks with Vice President Ashwin Adhin of Suriname


On September 23, 2018 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Vice President Ashwin Adhin of Suriname at the presidential palace in Paramaribo. Minister of Foreign Affairs and several cabinet ministers of the Surinamese government were present.

Wang Yi expressed that although the geographical distance between China and Suriname is far away, the hearts of the two peoples are always connected. The two peoples have long known each other and become good friends. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 42 years ago, our two countries have always respected each other, trusted each other, and supported each other, becoming a model for friendly exchanges between countries of different sizes and cultural backgrounds and for South-South cooperation. We appreciate the Surinamese government's adherence to the one-China policy, which reflects the respect for China's core interests. The Chinese side will also continue to support the Surinamese side in safeguarding its legitimate rights and interests in international affairs.

Wang Yi noted that the Chinese side attaches great importance to developing China-Suriname relations. The two sides should deepen practical cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results on the basis of consolidating political mutual trust. The Chinese side appreciates Suriname's active support and participation in the Belt and Road Initiative. The two sides reached an agreement on cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative this May, which will open up broader prospects for cooperation between the two countries, create more opportunities for cooperation, and bring more well-being to the Surinamese people. The two sides should step up alignment and deepen exchanges and cooperation in such fields as trade, agriculture, energy, infrastructure and tourism. The two sides should also strengthen people-to-people and cultural exchanges and make joint efforts to well build the Confucius Institute at University of Suriname. The Chinese side is willing to continue to carry out human resources cooperation and cultivate more talents necessary for the economic and social development of Suriname. The Chinese side appreciates the coordination and support of the Surinamese side in the aspect of fugitive repatriation and asset recovery, and is willing to strengthen cooperation in the field of anti-corruption. Both China and Suriname are developing countries and should jointly safeguard multilateralism and international trade rules as well as the common interests of the two countries and developing countries. The Chinese side has always actively committed to deepening relations with various Caribbean countries. It is hoped that the Surinamese side will continue to actively promote the cooperative relations between China and the Caribbean Community for constant and forward-looking development, and make unremitting efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Ashwin Adhin noted that State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to Suriname is a historic one, which will help further strengthen the friendly relations between Suriname and China and deepen practical cooperation between the two countries. Since the first group of Chinese came to Suriname to live and start business more than 160 years ago, the people of our two countries have began friendly exchanges. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1976, Suriname has always and firmly adhered to the one-China policy. The two countries have constantly promoted the development of bilateral relations on the basis of mutual respect and equality, and have become partners sharing mutual trust.

Ashwin Adhin and ministers of the Surinamese side stated that China is the most important development partner of Suriname. Suriname admires China's development achievements and thanks the Chinese side for its long-standing and valuable assistance. Suriname-China cooperation has provided an important opportunity for the national development of Suriname and promoted the development of Suriname in a wide range of fields. The Surinamese side will continue to actively support and participate in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, expand exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in such fields as agriculture, energy, infrastructure, investment, technology, culture, tourism, human resources and health care, and strengthen cooperation in law enforcement, asset recovery, fugitive repatriation and other aspects. The Surinamese side highly values China's position and important role in international political and economic affairs, speaks highly of China's efforts and achievements in promoting the cause of human rights, and stands ready to intensify communication and coordination with the Chinese side to jointly promote international peace and development and build a more just and reasonable international order.

Both sides exchanged views on international issues of common concern.

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