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Wang Yi Attends the High-level Informal Dialogue on Climate Change


On September 26, 2018 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the High-level Informal Dialogue on Climate Change at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Wang Yi said in his speech that climate change concerns the future of mankind. The Chinese side resolutely supports the international community in joining hands to cope with the challenges of climate change. Well implementing the Paris Agreement is a political commitment made by leaders of all countries, also a legal obligation that all countries cannot shirk and even a historic responsibility that all countries need to shoulder to comply with the general development trend of the world. Against current circumstances, we must implement the Paris Agreement to the letter, obey the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities", equity and respective capabilities, complete negotiations on the detailed rules of the Paris Agreement as scheduled and ensure that the general direction of dealing with climate change remains unchanged. Time and climate change wait for no one. We must realize the smooth start-up of the execution of the Paris Agreement. Developed countries should fulfill their pledge of raising 100 billion US dollars annually by 2020, and transfer advanced technology to developing countries to help them improve their capabilities in coping with climate change and sustainable development. We should consolidate global partnerships and mobilize the whole world to commit to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Wang Yi noted that China adheres to the new development concept featuring innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, as well as sees implementing the Paris Agreement as its domestic requirement for sustainable development. China has adopted a series of resolute and powerful actions and achieved real results. Over the past five years, China has vigorously converted development mode, optimized the energy structure and pushed for the energy conservation and emission reduction in key sectors. Energy consumption per unit of GDP and water consumption per unit of GDP have been reduced over 20 percent; proportion of coal consumption has been reduced 8.1 percent, while proportion of clean energy consumption has been increased 6.3 percent. The ecological environment across China has been improved remarkably. In addition, China continues to strengthen South-South cooperation, jointly build the green, environmental-friendly and sustainable Belt and Road Initiative, and help other developing countries enhance their capability of sustainable development, scoring positive results.

Wang Yi noted that the Chinese side's resolution to jointly tackle climate change with the international community will remain unwavering and China will not stop its pace in doing so. The Chinese side is willing to make joint efforts with various parties to join hands to blaze a trail of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, leaving the future generations a beautiful world with bluer sky, clearer water and greener mountains.

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