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Wang Yi Meets with Former Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano of the Philippines


On October 29, 2018, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Davao with former Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano of the Philippines.

Wang Yi expressed that China and the Philippines are close neighbors, and good-neighborliness and friendliness are the only correct choice. Although China and the Philippines are different in size, China has never bullied the Philippines through their exchanges stretching over thousands of years. The Philippines should feel reassured about this neighbor of China. During your tenure as Foreign Secretary, you firmly implemented President Rodrigo Duterte's independent foreign policy and friendly policy toward China, and resolved many crises, eliminated various interferences and pushed bilateral relations back to the right track with a series of positive results together with the Chinese side. Your outstanding contributions to the improvement and development of the China-Philippines relations will surely be recognized and remembered by the people of the two sides. The current China-Philippines relations are at a critical stage and both sides should strive to consolidate the hard-won development momentum. It is believed that you will continue caring for and supporting the China-Philippines relations in the future and make new contributions to the development of the China-Philippines relations while better serving the Philippines and its people.

Appreciating Wang Yi for his warm words, Alan Peter Cayetano said that the Philippines and China share close bloodline. The two countries should respect each other, treat each other as equals and be long-term friendly neighbors. In the past two years and more, the Philippines-China relations have experienced many difficult times, but we have always trusted each other and supported each other, adhered to resolving problems through dialogue and consultation and promoted the Philippines-China relations to constantly move forward in a right direction. The Chinese side has provided tangible assistance for the economic and social construction of the Philippines, including post-war reconstruction and disaster relief in Marawi, for which the Philippine side is deeply grateful. President Xi Jinping is about to pay a historic visit to the Philippines. The Philippines-China relations have ushered in a rare historic opportunity. Although I stepped down as Foreign Secretary, I will, as always, continue caring for the Philippines-China relations and make positive efforts for friendly cooperation between the two countries no matter what the work I will be engaged in the future.

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