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Wang Yi: China-Papua New Guinea Relations Are a Model for South-South Cooperation


On October 31, 2018, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi jointly met the press with Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato of Papua New Guinea after their talks in Port Moresby.

Wang Yi expressed that Papua New Guinea is a good friend and good partner of China in the South Pacific region. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Papua New Guinea, the two countries have always supported and helped each other, forging profound friendship and establishing solid mutual trust. President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Peter O'Neill jointly announced the establishment of the strategic partnership in 2014, and bilateral cooperation has achieved series of important progress. China-Papua New Guinea relations have become a model for the relations between China and the Pacific Island countries as well as for the South-South cooperation.

Wang Yi said that in two weeks, Papua New Guinea will host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting, which is a great event for Papua New Guinea and the region of the Pacific Island countries. China has provided Papua New Guinea with assistance within its capacity in response to the request of Papua New Guinea. China believes that Papua New Guinea will successfully host a special meeting. President Xi Jinping will attend the APEC meeting and visit Papua New Guinea at the scheduled time. My visit to Papua New Guinea this time is aimed at well preparing for President Xi Jinping's South Pacific trip in all aspects. We are willing to make concerted efforts with Papua New Guinea to ensure fruitful results of this historic visit, in a bid to promote bilateral relations to new stages.

Wang Yi expressed that Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and I had a good meeting, and Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato and I held talks with abundant contents this morning. We have reached important consensus on enhancing bilateral cooperation under the new situation:

We both agree to maintain the momentum of high-level exchanges, strengthen the political guidance for China-Papua New Guinea relations, continuously increase mutual trust and enhance exchanges of experience in state governance and administration, so as to elevate the level of bilateral relations.

We both agree to firmly support each other's core interests. The Chinese side appreciates Papua New Guinea's firm adherence to the one-China policy, and will as always support people of Papua New Guinea to follow a development path suitable to its own national conditions.

We both agree to actively promote mutually beneficial cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, with the priority given to such cooperation fields as trade, investment, energy resources, infrastructure, agriculture, forestry and fishery, as well as people-to-people and cultural and local engagement. The Chinese side will continue to provide support within its capacity for the economic and social development of Papua New Guinea, including the enhancement of Papua New Guinea's capacity in independent development, while well implementing existing aid projects.

We both agree to enhance coordination and cooperation in international and regional affairs. Papua New Guinea is the largest Pacific Island country, and has significant influence in the region. The Chinese side is willing to make joint efforts with Papua New Guinea to inject stronger impetus into the overall development of relations between China and the Pacific Island countries. Both as developing countries, the Chinese side is also willing to, together with Papua New Guinea, strengthen strategic coordination, and jointly voice maintenance for multilateralism and support for free trade in various international arenas including the APEC, in a bid to well safeguard the common interests of developing countries and all countries in the world.

Rimbink Pato noted that China has made great and unprecedented development achievements in human history, setting an excellent example for developing countries, including Papua New Guinea, from which all countries in the world, including Papua New Guinea, have benefited a lot. At a time when Papua New Guinea needed most, China has provided Papua New Guinea with generous and selfless assistance, not only supporting Papua New Guinea in hosting the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting this year, but also helping Papua New Guinea in its economic and social development over a long period of time, which has benefited the people of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Island countries. The friendship between Papua New Guinea and China is as firm as a rock and will not be interfered and undermined by any external factors.

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