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Wang Yi Meets with the Delegation of Permanent Representatives of the United Nations (UN) Security Council Members


On November 26, 2018, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met at the Great Hall of the People with the visiting delegation of permanent representatives of the United Nations (UN) Security Council members.

Wang Yi expressed that the UN is the most representative and authoritative international organization, a symbol of multilateralism and also the core of multilateral mechanism. The essence of multilateralism is that both big and small countries are equal members of the international community, and global affairs should be dealt with by all countries through joint consultation. This reflects the democratization in international relations, conforms to the shared aspiration of all countries in the world, and also conforms to the historical trend of the development and progress of human civilization. As long as we take actions in accordance with international rules including the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, we can ensure the sound development of multilateralism. We should prevent the world from returning to law of the jungle. Facing the current acts of unilateralism, the international community needs a stronger UN. Shouldering the special responsibility of maintaining international security and stability, the Security Council members should jointly defend multilateralism, uphold international rules, and join hands to protect the planet we live on, in a bid to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Wang Yi stressed that when dealing with the Security Council affairs, firstly, the Chinese side safeguards the purposes and principles of the UN Charter with all-out efforts; secondly, the Chinese side decides its position based on the merits of the affairs; thirdly, the Chinese sides is committed to the solidarity and cooperation among members of the Security Council. China adheres to objectiveness and fairness, upholds justice and stands ready to play its due constructive role in safeguarding international peace and security.

Representatives of Russia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Indonesia, Kuwait, the United States, Kazakhstan, Bolivia and other countries made respective statements. They thanked the Chinese side for inviting the permanent representatives of the Security Council members to visit China during its rotating presidency of the Security Council, and expressed that they have seen China's great achievements in reform and opening up with their own eyes through this visit. All parties appreciated the Chinese side for safeguarding multilateralism, supporting the UN's work, and making outstanding contributions to UN peacekeeping and the promotion of global development. They believed that against current international situation full of uncertainties, the Security Council members are willing to work with China to strengthen cooperation and jointly safeguard international peace and security.

Wang Yi also exchanged views with members of the visiting delegation on the current regional issues of all parties' concern including the Korean Peninsula issue, the situation in the Middle East, the Afghan Issue, the Myanmar issue and the Ukrainian issue, and expounded the Chinese side's position.

The visiting delegation of permanent representatives of the UN Security Council members is composed of 21 parties including the permanent representatives of the incumbent members and the incoming non-permanent members of the Security Council to the UN, the permanent representatives of major troop contributing countries of the UN peacekeeping operations and senior officials of the UN Secretariat.

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