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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Briefs Chinese and Foreign Media on the Meeting Between the Heads of State of China and the United States (US)


On the evening of December 1, 2018 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a press conference for Chinese and foreign journalists in Buenos Aires, introducing the just-concluded meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States (US).

Wang Yi said that President Xi Jinping had dinner and held a meeting with President Donald Trump of the US at invitation in Buenos Aires on the evening of December 1. It was another gathering of the two heads of state since their meeting in Beijing in November last year. In a friendly and candid atmosphere, the two heads of state had in-depth discussions that lasted for two and a half hours, which was much longer than the scheduled time. The meeting was very successful and produced important consensus, charting the course for China-US relations in the coming period.

Wang Yi noted that President Xi Jinping pointed out in the meeting that as two major countries, China and the US jointly shoulder more and more important responsibilities in promoting world peace and prosperity, and cooperation is the best choice for both sides. The two heads of state agreed that China-US relations must be and will be improved. The two sides agreed to promote bilateral relations with coordination, cooperation and stability as the keynote. The two heads of state will maintain close contacts with each other through visits, meetings, telephone talks and telegrams to jointly guide the development direction of China-US relations. Both sides will have further exchange of visits at an appropriate time. The two sides stand ready to make concerted efforts to propel more results from bilateral communication and cooperation in various fields.

Wang Yi said that the two sides had very positive and constructive discussions on the economic and trade issues. The two heads of state reached consensus on stopping imposing new additional tariffs on each other. Both sides put forward a series of constructive proposals on how to resolve existing differences and problems in a proper manner. The Chinese side expressed the willingness to expand imports according to the needs of its domestic market and people including importing marketable products from the US to gradually ease the trade imbalances. The two sides agreed to open market to each other. China would, in the process of furthering its new round of reform and opening-up, work to gradually resolve the reasonable concerns of the US side. Work teams of both sides will follow the principled consensus reached by the two heads of state, and step up negotiations toward the removal of all additional tariffs so as to reach a specific agreement with mutual benefit and win-win results at an early date.

Both sides believed that the above principled consensus is of great significance, which not only effectively stops further escalation of economic and trade frictions, but also opens up new prospects for win-win cooperation between the two countries. The consensus will not only benefit respective development of the two countries and well-being of the two peoples, but also be conducive to the global economy's stable growth and conform to interests of all countries. Facts have proven that China and the US have more common interests than differences. Their demand for cooperation is greater than friction. As long as the two sides act in the spirit of mutual respect, take into account each other's concerns, and engage in earnest dialogues on an equal footing, they can find a solution featuring win-win cooperation to problems.

The two sides also agreed to take proactive steps to strengthen cooperation in law enforcement and drug control, including control of fentanyl-like substances. The measures adopted in this respect by the Chinese side so far have been fully applauded by the international community including the US. The Chinese side has decided to list all the fentanyl-like substances as controlled substances and started working to adjust related regulations.

Wang Yi expressed that the Chinese side reiterated its principled stance on the Taiwan issue and that the US side pledged to continue to adhere to the one-China policy. Both sides exchanged views on the Korean Peninsula issue. The Chinese side supported a second summit between the US and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), and hoped the US side and the DPRK side could meet each other half way, address each other's legitimate concerns and advance the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in parallel with building a mechanism for peace on the Peninsula. The US side appreciated the Chinese side's positive role and hoped to maintain communication and coordination with the Chinese side in this regard.

In the end, Wang Yi pointed out that through this important meeting, the two heads of state have made plans and charted the course for properly resolving the existing problems between China and the US and promoting the development of China-US relations. We will take proactive actions in accordance with the principle and direction set by the two heads of state, meet each other half way, respect each other, focus on cooperation, and manage differences, in a bid to promote the long-term, sound and stable development of China-US relations, and bring greater and better benefits to the people of the two countries and the world at large.

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