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Wang Yi Talks About China's Diplomacy amid Once-in-a-Century Changes: It Has Neither Lost Direction in the Mist, Nor Been Deterred by Winds and Storms. Instead, It Has Kept Cleaving Waves and Forging Ahead


On December 11, 2018, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended and addressed the opening of the Symposium on the International Situation and China's Foreign Relations in 2018.

Wang Yi said that the world in the outgoing 2018 has been marked by uncertainty, a defining feature of the international landscape. The shift in the balance of power accelerated, unilateralism and protectionism further developed, and the international system came under serious strain. Major-country competition intensified. Even as traditional hotspots remain unresolved, non-traditional security issues such as climate change and refugees cropped up. With his keen understanding of the evolution of history and firm grasp of the trend of the times, General Secretary Xi Jinping made this key judgment about the current international situation: "Our world is experiencing profound changes unseen in a century."

Amid these once-in-a-century changes, China has naturally encountered new challenges and risks. Yet the Chinese diplomacy, like a giant vessel navigating the sea, has neither lost direction in the mist, nor been deterred by winds and storms. Instead, it has kept cleaving waves and forging ahead, resolute and steadfast, toward its intended destination.

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