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Wang Yi: Push for New Steps and New Breakthroughs in Afghanistan's Reconciliation Process at an Early Date


On December 15, 2018 local time, after the second China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Foreign Ministers' Dialogue in Kabul, Afghanistan, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked to the Chinese and foreign journalists that Afghanistan has gone through 40 years of war and turbulence and its people have suffered great hardships. Peace is the strong aspiration of all the Afghan people and also an important prerequisite for Afghanistan's reconstruction and development. History has proven that force cannot solve problems, and reconciliation and peace are the smooth path for Afghanistan's renewal and prosperity.

Wang Yi pointed out, the Chinese side welcomes the peace initiative put forward by the Afghan government and appreciates the assistance provided by the international community for the reconciliation process in Afghanistan. The Chinese side supports any efforts conducive to an early end to the war and the realization of peace. At the same time, Afghanistan's reconciliation is ultimately a matter for the Afghan people themselves, and the sovereignty and independence of Afghanistan as well as the will of the Afghan people should be fully respected. The principle of "Afghan-led and Afghan-owned", which has been recognized by the international community and the United Nations Security Council, should be earnestly implemented. We call on the Afghan Taliban to respond to the peace initiative and return to peace talks at an early date. We believed that as long as all parties in Afghanistan put the fundamental interests of the country and nation first, adhere to the general direction of reconciliation and peace, show goodwill towards each other, accommodate each other's concerns and gradually build mutual trust, they will be able to turn swords into ploughshares and open the door to peace.

Wang Yi stressed that China is a friendly neighboring country of Afghanistan and it is our sincere wish to help Afghanistan achieve peace, stability and economic development. The Chinese side maintains friendly relations with all parties in Afghanistan and China's policy towards Afghanistan is geared to all the Afghan people. We are ready to continue to give play to our strengths and be a supporter, mediator and participant of the Afghanistan's reconciliation on the basis of respecting the will of all parties in Afghanistan. We are willing to promote various multilateral mechanisms related to Afghanistan to work together and create a favorable external environment for the reconciliation process.

Wang Yi said that Pakistan is an important neighboring country of Afghanistan and trilateral cooperation among China, Afghanistan and Pakistan plays a special role in and is of great significance for promoting the reconciliation in Afghanistan. The Chinese side is ready to work with Afghanistan, Pakistan and the international community to push for new steps and new breakthroughs in the reconciliation process at an early date.

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