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Wang Yi Meets with Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah of Afghanistan


On December 15, 2018 local time, Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah of Afghanistan met in Kabul with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Wang Yi conveyed Premier Li Keqiang's warm greetings to Abdullah Abdullah. Wang Yi said that friendly relations between China and Afghanistan have benefited from the care of leaders of the two countries and the strong support of the two peoples. We are ready to work with the Afghan side to increase personnel training, local cooperation and improvement of the people's livelihood, steadily advance the China-aid projects in Afghanistan and push forward bilateral cooperation in various fields for constant and forward-looking development.

Wang Yi pointed out that the second China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Foreign Ministers' Dialogue has achieved positive results and reached a series of consensus. The Chinese side is ready to continue its constructive role on the basis of fully respecting the wishes of the Afghan side and support the Afghan government in pushing forward the "Afghan-led and Afghan-owned" reconciliation process so as to achieve wide and inclusive political reconciliation at an early date. The Chinese side appreciates the positive progress made in Afghanistan-Pakistan relations and supports the two countries in strengthening dialogue, enhancing mutual trust, continuously improving relations and jointly safeguarding regional peace and stability. The Chinese side stands ready to work with Afghanistan and Pakistan to take the opportunity of the signing of the memorandum of understanding on counter-terrorism cooperation among the three sides to deepen counter-terrorism cooperation and combat terrorism in all its forms.

Abdullah Abdullah thanked the Chinese side's support and assistance to Afghanistan's economy and society. Afghanistan-China relations have enjoyed sound development with constant and positive results from cooperation in various fields. The Afghan side will continue to stand with the Chinese side on issues concerning the Chinese side's core interests. The Afghan side is committed to promoting the process of domestic peace and reconciliation and is willing to continue to work with the Pakistani side to improve Afghanistan-Pakistan relations. The Afghan side thanked the Chinese side for its constructive role in this regard.

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