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Wang Yi Attends the Opening Ceremony of the China-India High Level Media Forum


On December 21, 2018 local time, the 3rd China-India High Level Media Forum was held in New Delhi, capital of India. State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj of India jointly attended and addressed the opening ceremony.

Wang Yi extended warm congratulations on the opening of the forum. Wang Yi said that the forum has played an important role in enhancing mutual understanding between Chinese and Indian media and has become an important brand of China-India people-to-people and cultural exchanges. Leaders of the two countries have always attached great importance to media exchanges and encouraged everyone to create an objective and friendly environment of public opinion for China-India cooperation. We need to comprehensively implement the important consensus reached by leaders of the two countries, deepen media exchanges and cooperation, increase mutual understanding between the two peoples and promote comprehensive development of China-India cooperation. The mutual learning between the two countries in history has enriched the material life and spiritual world of the two peoples and contributed to the glory of the oriental civilization. The strategic guidance of the leaders of the two countries today has also pushed for the robust development of China-India relations and advanced bilateral relations to enter a new historical stage, providing an important opportunity for the media of the two countries to strengthen cooperation. It is hoped that our media colleagues will deepen the understanding of each other's development path, society and culture, tell the stories of China-India development well, spread the touching stories of China-India friendship, and present to the people of the two countries and the international community a real China, a real India and the constant and forward-looking development of China-India relations.

More than 30 media from China and India joined the forum.

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