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President Roch Marc Christian Kabore of Burkina Faso Meets with Wang Yi


On January 4, 2019, President Roch Marc Christian Kabore of Burkina Faso met with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the presidential palace in Ouagadougou.

Roch Marc Christian Kabore asked Wang Yi to convey his warm greetings and high tribute to President Xi Jinping. Roch Marc Christian Kabore expressed that your visit at the beginning of the new year shows the importance the Chinese government attaches to Burkina Faso as well as the friendship and solidarity between Burkina Faso and China. I am willing to reiterate that the Burkina Faso side recognizes that there is only one China in the world and Burkina Faso is committed to developing and strengthening its relations with China based on the one-China principle. The brand-new cooperation between Burkina Faso and China has just started. The Burkina Faso side appreciates the Chinese side's help for its economic development and the improvement of the people's livelihood, and praises the efficient and high-quality work of the Chinese medical team, and expert groups of agriculture and training. The people of Burkina Faso are filled with hope for the future of bilateral relations. The regional security issue is a major concern of the Burkina Faso side. The Burkina Faso side thanks the Chinese side for supporting the efforts of Burkina Faso and other Sahel countries in safeguarding regional peace and security, and hopes to continuously gain support from the Chinese side in this regard. Burkina Faso and China share the same stances on many international issues, such as safeguarding the role of the United Nations, and the Burkina Faso side is ready to enhance communication with the Chinese side to jointly safeguard the interests of Africa and developing countries.

Wang Yi conveyed President Xi Jinping's warm greetings to Roch Marc Christian Kabore. Wang Yi said that Mr. President, with a keen understanding of the trend of times, made the major decision of resuming diplomatic relations with China despite all the disturbances, which has won unanimous support from the people of Burkina Faso, and has also been widely welcomed on the African continent. History will prove that the resumption of diplomatic relations between China and Burkina Faso is a completely right decision, which fully conforms to the fundamental and long-term interests of Burkina Faso and its people. Both sides should firmly support each other on issues concerning respective core interests. It is believed that the Burkina Faso side will continue to follow the one-China principle, and the Chinese side will support the Burkina Faso side's efforts in safeguarding its own legitimate rights and interests.

Wang Yi noted that as a major developing country, China has every reason to firmly stand together with developing countries and make all-out efforts to safeguard the interests of developing countries. African countries, including Burkina Faso, always have an important position in the overall picture of China's diplomacy. The resumption of diplomatic relations between China and Burkina Faso has laid a political foundation and also opened up grand prospects for bilateral cooperation. Your Excellency President paid a historic visit to China and attended the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation last year, during which President Xi Jinping and you jointly drew up a blueprint for the development of China-Burkina Faso relations. The past half year has witnessed bilateral exchanges in various areas in full swing and practical cooperation being advanced rapidly. A series of tangible achievements have already been achieved. The Chinese side will, according to the needs of the Burkina Faso side, provide Burkina Faso with assistance in various fields such as economy, people's livelihood, health and education within China's due capacity. The Chinese side understands and supports Burkina Faso's concern over safeguarding national and regional peace and security, and is willing to, together with the Burkina Faso side, deepen cooperation in peace and security areas and help Burkina Faso and other African countries enhance independent peacekeeping capabilities.

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