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Vice Premier Li Keqiang Visits the Chinese-Hungarian Bilingual School


On April 30, 2012, Vice Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council, accompanied by Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics, visited the Chinese-Hungarian Bilingual School in Budapest, Hungary.

When Li arrived at the school, the school principal greeted him at the school gate, where the teachers and students were waving national flags of China and Hungary to warmly welcome him. The students from Hungarian Chan Wu Cultural Center performed the traditional Chinese lion dance, creating a warm atmosphere.

Vice Premier Li came to the gymnasium of the school, where he, together with the teachers, students and their parents, watched with great interests the performances of students and youths. Some cute girls performed the Fan Dance in the melodious music of Our Fields. A group of innocent children recited "Ascending Guanque Tower" and some famous poems of the Tang Dynasty. Some groups of students respectively performed authentic Tai Chi and Shaolin martial arts. The calligraphy practitioners also wrote down Chinese characters to welcome Vice Premier Li. The exciting performances filled the hall with an ardent cultural atmosphere and won many rounds of applause from the audience.

After the performance, Li Keqiang went onto the stage and delivered a warm speech. He said that after watching everyone's performances, he was deeply immersed into the Chinese culture though he was in Hungary, a country far away from China. The trip was short, but he could feel the deep affections of the Hungarian people to the Chinese people. Li also paid tribute to the teachers who have been committed to the dissemination of the Chinese culture and the teaching of the Chinese language.

Li said that there is a special sense of intimacy between China and Hungary. Hungary's long history and splendid culture bred a large number of outstanding figures. A number of famous Hungarian poems and songs are very popular in China and have a broad influence. Chan Wu culture, which derived from the Central Plains of China, settled in Hungary and trained many students, reflecting the particularity of the cultural exchanges between China and Hungary. The people-to-people exchanges between China and Hungary enjoy a solid foundation and broad promising prospects. The bilingual school and students coming out of the school will contribute to a new chapter in the history of the relationship between China and Hungary.

After the speech, Premier Li presented Chinese language learning CDs to the principal of the school and took a group photo with the teachers and students. Li also proposed to invite the students participating in martial arts performance to visit the Shaolin Temple in China, winning a round of warm applause from the people present.

The principal said the visit of Vice Premier Li Keqiang and Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics to the bilingual school has fully reflected the great importance attached by the Chinese and Hungarian governments to the cultural exchanges between China and Hungary. The Chinese-Hungarian Bilingual School upholds the principle of communication, understanding, friendship, and cooperation and has been actively committed to the friendship between the Chinese and Hungarian people. Such efforts have borne fruit and have been embedded into the hearts of both peoples. The school will live up to the expectations of the governments and leaders of the two countries and continue to contribute to the lasting friendship between China and Hungary.

The Chinese-Hungarian Bilingual School was established in September 2004 under the initiatives of the leaders of the two countries. The school currently has over 220 students and adopts the bilingual teaching in Chinese and Hungarian.

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