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Vice Premier Li Keqiang Meets with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy


On May 3, 2012, visiting Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang met with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy at the European Council building.

Li first conveyed the cordial greetings from President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao to Van Rompuy. Europe is an important pole of the world, Li said. China and EU share a tradition of friendship and there is no conflict of interest between both sides. China has regarded the EU and Sino-EU ties as being of great strategic importance to the country and its diplomatic policies. He called on both sides to earnestly implement the outcomes of the 14th China-EU Leaders' Meeting, deepen practical cooperation, enhance cultural and personnel exchanges, and reinforce and further promote the Sino-EU comprehensive strategic partnership. He underlined that cooperation between China and the EU in the field of urbanization offered promising prospects for both sides. Urbanization was not only key to China's endeavor to expand domestic demands and boost future economic growth, but also served as an important opportunity for Europe to achieve economic recovery and development, he said. As representatives of the two great civilizations of the East and the West, China and the EU should treat each other with respect, deepen mutual understanding, and address differences through dialogues.

The vice premier said the current economic woes in Europe had exerted adverse effects on both China and the world as a whole. China trusted the EU member countries to have solid economic development foundation, enormous capacity for scientific and technological innovation, and sufficient wisdom to chart a way out of the debt crisis, he said.

For his part, Van Rompuy asked Li to convey his cordial greetings to President Hu and Premier Wen. He also said both EU and China are actively implementing the important consensus reached during their leaders’ meeting and have achieved positive progress in strengthening cooperation on humanities exchanges, urbanization, energy saving, environmental protection and new energy. A prosperous and strong Europe and a stable and open China should further enhance cooperation with each other, together face challenges in the world, promote EU-China comprehensive strategic partnership and strengthen coordination in international affairs.

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