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New Release of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Sydney on the So-Called "Su Jia Tun concentration Camp"Issues


May 10, 2006

The propaganda media of Falun Gong Cult, Epoch Times and Minghui Website, recently spread the slanderous rumors of "Su Jia Tun Concentration Camp of 6,000 Falun Gong people". These rumors are groundless and unfounded.

The so-called "Su Jia Tun Concentration Camp" is actually fabricated by Fa Lungong Cult. Su Jia Tun District is located in the southern suburbs of Shenyang city of Liao Ning Province. Su Jia Tun is a pilot agriculture Surburb and grain-producing district of Liao Ning Province. There is no prison or any so-called Concentration Camp in Su Jia Tun District.

In the original statement, Falun Gong claimed that the Concentration Camp is surrounded by 3-metre-high wall decorated with wire entanglement. The bodies of Falun Gong have been burned in the incinerator unceasingly.

Later, Falun Gong realized what they fabricated was far beyond the proper, so Falun Gong changed the story and said that Concentration Camp was in National Traditional Chinese Medicine Thrombus Center of China(also called Su Jia Tun Thrombus Hospital), which is located in Su Jia Tun District. Falun Gong fabricated charge against the Hospital and claimed that 6,000 Falun Gong people have been locked up in the Hospital, two thirds of whose organs have been transplanted alive and the bodies have been burned in the incinerator of the Hospital.

The new story is full of holes. The National Traditional Chinese Medicine Thrombus Center of China is a well-known Hospital open to the public and overseas patients. The Hospital has received official and civil delegation from U.S, Korean, Japan, UK,etc. The Hospital has 338 beds and does no have the capability to hold 6,000 Falun Gong people in secret.

Then Falun Gong Cult changed the story again and said the 6,000 Falun Gong people were locked up in the basement of the Hospital. The statement is even more ridiculous. There is no basement at all in the Hospital. The so-called incinerator is the boiler, which is used for heating and sterilizing. The boiler room has many windows. Outside the transparent boiler room is grassland. People nearby often have a walk there. The incinerator is fabricated by Cult.

The media, including NHK, Hong Kong Phoenix TV and Hong Kong Takongpao Newspaper have visited the Hospital and made a report. Non Concentration Camp has been found. The Su Jia Tun District Government and National Traditional Chinese Medicine Thrombus Center of China held joint press conference to condemn Falun Gong Cult and clarified the rumors by solid evidence. The Hospital believes the groundless rumors has seriously damaged the international reputation of the Hospital, it will reserve the right for lawsuit. CNN, Washington Post, Associated Press, Reuters News have reported the Conference.

On April 14th , U.S Consul General to Shen Yang and 2 other officials from U.S Embassy to China paid a visit to National Traditional Chinese Medicine Thrombus Center of China and communities near the Hospital. According to the report of Associated Press, a spokeswoman of US Embassy to China said, "according to all the information we have been able to obtain thus far, the site is functioning only as a hospital".

Facts have proven the so-called "Su Jia Tun Concentration Camp" is nothing but rumors fabricated out of thin air. The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney reminds friends who have been interested in China, be vigilant against Falun Gong Cult, do not believe their fabricated stories and be alert not to be deceived and exploited by the cult.

Thanks for your time and wish you would continue to pay close attention to the development of China.


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